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The platform built for community game glory.

Welcome to the future of gaming!

Midas Labs is a revolutionary platform designed with one purpose: to bridge independent game developers with a gaming community within the gaming landscape.

Inspired by the passion and dedication of game developer studios,
Eager and vibrant
gaming community
the midasverse

Welcome to the Midasverse, a thriving ecosystem designed to empower indie developers and connect them with passionate gamers.

for developers
Unleash Your

Develop with ease using our streamlined tools and features.

Focus on crafting amazing games, we handle the complexities.

Global Reach,
Limitless Potential

Connect with a dedicated community of gamers worldwide, eager to discover your masterpiece.

Gain access to our robust marketing and promotional resources.


Generate revenue through in-game purchases powered by the Quest Token.

Unifi tokens unlock additional monetization opportunities within the Midasverse

Supportive Community & Collaboration

Access valuable resources, tutorials, and a thriving developer community for peer-to-peer learning and support.

Participate in forums and discussions to connect with fellow developers and share your passion for gaming.

for gamers
Discover the
Future of Gaming

Explore a curated library of captivating games, waiting to be explored.

Find your next favorite adventure, puzzle game, or competitive challenge.

Support Gaming

Every game on our platform is a testament to the talent and dedication of independent developers.

By playing these games, you're directly supporting the future of gaming!

Join a Thriving

Connect with a passionate community of gamers who share your love for gaming.

Participate in discussions, challenges, and events to create a lasting connection with the Midasverse.

Unleash the Power
of Unifi

Earn Unifi tokens through active
Voyage participation.

Utilize Unifi to purchase exclusive in-game items, NFTs, and other exciting features within the Midasverse.

Earn Unifi Through Active Voyages
Your Gateway to the Midasverse

Unifi (UNIFI) is a utility token that unifies all the game developers that get on board Midas Lab’s vision and offers additional benefits within the Midasverse

We have an upcoming marketplace to facilitate secure and convenient NFT transactions using Unifi.